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Before you visit the Writing Lab

  • Don't wait until the last minute to visit the Writing Lab.  Give yourself at least a day between your visit to the Lab and the date the paper is due.  Otherwise, you won't have time to make significant revisions.

  • Think about what you want to accomplish before you confer with a tutor.  The tutor will ask, "How may I help you?"  Be ready with a specific answer.  What are your main concerns regarding your paper?

  • Bring the assignment sheet, the written-down directions for the assignment you're working on. 

  • Don't think you have to bring a completed draft before you can confer with a tutor in the Writing Lab.  A conference can be helpful at any stage in the writing process, even if you haven't written a word yet.  A tutor can help you decide on a topic, limit it, brainstorm ideas for developing it, and consider how you might organize your material before you begin.


Ways tutors help

  • Tutors can help you check that you've followed your instructor's directions and have addressed any explicit criteria of evaluation.

  • Tutors can help you develop your ideas by discussing them with you and asking questions.

  • Tutors can help you identify technical errors in a draft (for example, in sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation) and teach you to make corrections on your own.

  • Tutors can help you become a better reader of your own writing by helping you analyze your draft in terms of focus, organization, development, style, and correctness.

  • Tutors can help you with citing and documenting source material in MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association) styles, or another documentation style.

  • Your tutor will be an attentive, thoughtful reader of your writing who can let you know how your words are getting across.  If nothing else, allowing a tutor to read your paper and talk with you about it will help you learn to internalize an audience--that is, predict and respond to the needs of readers in general, whatever the assignment.

  • You can meet weekly (or more often) with the same tutor over the course of a semester.  Your tutor can monitor your progress and focus with you on the writing skills you would like to develop.


Tutor with student 

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