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Writing Assessment Program

English Composition Placement

NOTE: This page reflects changes in policy effective August, 2009.


Incoming students at Southeast are placed into the English composition sequence through a variety of means:

  • Students who transfer credit for EN140 are exempted from the composition sequence.

  • Students who transfer credit for EN100 are placed into EN140.

  • Students who have an ACT English subscore of 22 or above at the time of orientation are placed into EN100.

  • All other students must take WP001 during FirstSTEP Orientation.


Students scoring 3.5 (out of 6) or higher on WP001 will be placed in EN100. Students scoring 3.0 or below will be placed in EN099.  


To ensure correct placement of students, an additional 50-minute writing sample is taken during the first week of classes by instructors in EN099.  Students who appear to be in the wrong class are brought to the attention of the Director of Writing Assessment, who makes a final decision regarding the student's placement.  Fewer than 0.5% of incoming students each year are moved to a new class on the basis of this writing sample.


In addition, the following incoming students have the opportunity to earn retroactive credit for EN100 and to be placed into EN140:

  • Students who have an ACT English subscore of 25 or above at the time of orientation are invited to sit for WP004: The EN100 Equivalency Examination

  • Students who are awarded a Governor's, Regents', or President's scholarship may submit a portfolio in place of taking WP004

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