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Online Writing Lab


The OWL offers a wide selection of interactive tutorials to assist you with developing and reviewing your writing skills.  New tutorials are added regularly; if you need to review a skill and can't find a tutorial that addresses it, email us and we'll work on adding it to our collection.


The tutorials are organized in four groups:


These tutorials review grammar issues such as sentence boundaries, using modifiers, and agreement.



These tutorials cover punctuation, capitalization, spelling, word choice, and other mechanical issues.


Writing with Sources

These tutorials review the entire process of source-based writing: finding sources, evaluating sources, and involving sources in your writing.  There are also tutorials on MLA and APA style bibliography and citation.


Writing Principles

These tutorials review fundamental principles of writing, such as focus, organization, development, and style.


To access any of these tutorials, simply click on a link in the menu to the left.


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