Southeast Missouri State University Wriiting Lab

Online access to the Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is located in Kent Library 412 on the Southeast Missouri State University campus.  University students, faculty, and community members can visit the Writing Lab for face-to-face help with writing issues at all levels.

Submit a paper to the OWL:

The online writing lab (OWL) is a service available only to currently enrolled students at Southeast Missouri State University.  To submit a draft of a paper to the OWL for assistance, go to the "Incoming" drop Box at this link.  You'll be prompted to log in with your SEKey.  Then just click on "add file" to upload a Word document from your computer. 

Note that the OWL is closed during University holidays such as spring break and fall break.  

 In the "description" box, you should write a brief note telling us what the assignment guidelines were and what kind of help you would like on the draftThe checklist below may help you determine what you want the tutor to focus on.

  • Is the main idea (thesis) or purpose clear?

  • Does anything need further explanation or description? Or is there something that doesn't seem relevant and should be omitted? If you are arguing a point, have you made a convincing case? Does the paper achieve the purpose you have in mind?

  • Is the paper effectively organized? Are the supporting ideas or sections or stages clearly separate? Are they in the most effective order? Would the paper be easy to outline?

  • Is there a sentence or passage that might confuse the reader?

  • Is there a technical matter (in punctuation, grammar, word choice, documentation style, or something else) you are unsure about?


If you want us to notify your instructor that you submitted a draft, please include the instructor's email address in the description box.

Remember, the writing tutors don't proofread your work for you; rather, they will help to show you how to improve your own writing.  For more details, see "Ways tutors help."

See tutor's comments: We will try to respond to your request within 48 hours.  When the tutor has responded to your paper, it will be in the "finished" drop box.  You can check this drop box periodically to see if it's ready.  Once your paper is in the "finished" drop box, you can download it and open it in Word to see the tutor's comments. 



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