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400-Level Senior Seminar Course

CourseTitleCredit Hours
UI-400 Business and Ethics3
UI-401 American Cultural Landscapes: Regional Architecture and Settlement Systems3
UI-402 Music in World Cultures3
UI-410 Manufacturing Research in a Global Society3
UI-412 American Health Care Systems and Issues3
UI-415 Science and Religion3
UI-416 Planetary Exploration: From Galileo to the Present and Beyond3
UI-418 European Mind3
UI-422 Scientific Reasoning3
UI-423 Political Communication3
UI-425 Persuasion: Understanding, Practice and Analysis3
UI-427 Service and Community3
UI-429 Environmental Ethics3
UI-430 Aging Successfully: Critical Issues Facing the Individual in the 21st Century3
UI-431 Shakespeare's Tragedies and the Human Condition3
UI-432 Shakespeare's History Plays and Comedies and the Human Condition3
UI-433 Aesthetics of Movement: Athletic Dancers and Artistic Athletes3
UI-435 Literature of Sport3
UI-436 Agricultural Ethics3
UI-438 The Nature and Growth of Mathematical Thought3
UI-440 The Holocaust3
UI-443 Professional Experience in Chemistry3
UI-445 Social Perspectives of Sexuality3
UI-446 The Civil Rights Movement3
UI-450 Capstone Experience3
UI-454 Perspectives of Literacy: Challenges and Solutions3
UI-455 Understanding Men and Male Development3
UI-456 History of the Book3
UI-457 African American during a Time of Slavery3
UI-459 Nature Literacy3
UI-461 Issues in Modern Art3