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300-Level Interdisciplinary Course

CourseTitleCredit Hours
IU-300 Cyberlaw3
IU-301 Historical Perspective: American Agriculture3
IU-304 Gender and Intimacy3
IU-305 Entrepreneurship: A Flat World Imperative3
IU-306 Perspectives on Urban Design3
IU-308 Compassionate Communication3
IU-309 Professional Writing for Science and Technology3
IU-310 Government and Politics of East Asia3
IU-314 GeoInfo Science Today3
IU-315 Ethics in the Cyber World3
IU-317 System Thinking for Everyone3
UI-300 Drugs and Behavior3
UI-301 Managerial Communication Processes3
UI-305 Judicial Reasoning3
UI-306 Film and History3
UI-308 Cultural and Physical Landscapes of the World: A Geographical Analysis3
UI-309 Crime and Human Behavior3
UI-310 The American Musical Experience3
UI-312 Perspectives on the Present3
UI-313 The African-American Experience3
UI-315 Electronics and Computers in Music3
UI-316 Contemporary Legal Studies3
UI-317 Human Sexuality3
UI-318 Earth Science: A Process Approach3
UI-319 Science, Technology and Society3
UI-320 The Modern Presidency3
UI-322 International Political Economy3
UI-330 Experimental Methods in Physics and Engineering I3
UI-331 Foundations of Biochemistry3
UI-332 Images of Women in Literature3
UI-336 Religion in America3
UI-337 Issues in Modern Architecture3
UI-339 North American Indians3
UI-340 Housing Perspectives3
UI-341 Victorian Studies3
UI-342 Modern Political Thought3
UI-343 Transcultural Experience: Economic and Cultural Institutions3
UI-343 Transcultural Experience: Health and Human Services3
UI-344 Plants and Humanity3
UI-345 Nonverbal Communication3
UI-349 Comparative Economic Systems3
UI-350 Middle East Politics3
UI-351 Public Opinion Management3
UI-352 Medical Ethics3
UI-354 Lifestyle Enhancement3
UI-355 Consumer and the Market3
UI-357 Early American Political Thought3
UI-358 Foundations of Political Thought3
UI-360 Recycling and Waste Management3
UI-361 Contemporary Political Theory3
UI-366 Law and Economics3
UI-368 Mind, Meaning and Value3
UI-369 Vice and Virtue3
UI-370 Media Ethics3
UI-371 Government and Business3
UI-372 Earthquakes and Society3
UI-373 Earth/Life Through Time3
UI-375 European Film3
UI-382 History and Philosophy of American Mass Media3
UI-384 History of the Musical3
UI-386 Environmental Health3
UI-387 Environmental Law and Public Policy3
UI-392 The Age of Romanticism3
UI-393 The Age of Modernism3
UI-394 Music and Culture 1600-17503
UI-396 The Age of Beethoven3
UI-397 Music in Medieval and Renaissance Culture3