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Perspectives on Human Institutions Economic Systems
EC-101      Economic Problems and Policies
Catalog Description

An introduction to the domestic and international economic problems facing the United States today and an analysis of the policies designed to alleviate these problems.

Course Content

The course includes an introduction of basic economic concepts, principles and theories such as inflation, unemployment, Gross National Product, supply and demand and cost-benefit analysis. These concepts and theories are used to explain how the American economy works in a domestic and international setting. They are also used to analyze current economic problems and evaluate policies designed to alleviate these problems.

Nature of Course

The course has an assigned textbook which will be accompanied by readings from current periodicals and newspapers. Class time will be devoted to lecture, question/answer sessions and discussion. An out-of-class project involving information gathering and analysis will be assigned.

Student Expectations

Evaluation will be based on objective and subjective examinations, class participation, and the quality of the out-of-class project.

Prerequisites None.
Corequisites None.
Credit Hours 3