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Perspectives on Natural Systems Living Systems
FN-235      Nutrition for Health
Catalog Description

This course examines, analyzes, and evaluates the relationships between the science of nutrition, health, and well being.

Course Content

This course is designed to provide a fundamental knowledge of the science of nutrition. The course provides the student with skills to critically evaluate the role of nutrition to health and to apply that knowledge to one's lifestyle. This study leads to an appreciation for the methods of scientific reasoning and research in understanding a living system.

Nature of Course

The teaching format will combine lecture and discussion styles in the classroom. Frequent activities will require critical thinking and application of knowledge in order to better equip the student to make informed food and lifestyle choices. Students will be asked to read the text and to locate and read relevant professional and popular articles which relate to the subject matter. Evidence of critical thinking and effective communication will be emphasized.

Student Expectations

A weekly activity will provide the student an opportunity to communicate knowledge and understanding of the subject. Four unit tests, including a final exam will be objective in nature. Each student will use computer technology to analyze their dietary intake. Reading and writing assignments require reading from current sources.

Prerequisites None.
Corequisites None.
Credit Hours 3