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Perspectives on Natural Systems Living Systems
BS-105      Environmental Biology
Catalog Description

Discussion of biological principles with application to environmental issues.

Course Content

Environmental Biology introduces students to basic biological principles in the context of pertinent environmental issues. These principles will primarily concern ecological topics such as energy flow, population growth, nutrient cycling, and the interactions between living organisms and their environment. In addition, the course will introduce students to the process of science, the concept of scientific authority, and the role of scientists in forming environmental policy. The impact of human activity on biological systems will be considered under the topics of: overpopulation and world hunger, energy and mineral resources, water resources and pollution, biological diversity, air pollution and atmospheric alterations, and wastes and hazardous chemicals.

Nature of Course

The course will consist of three 50-minute sessions per week. One time commitment outside of the regularly scheduled class period will be required. A mixture of teaching strategies will be employed, including lecture, discussion, videotapes, laboratory experiments, and field trips.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to attend and participate in all class activities including lectures, laboratory experiments, video summaries, small group discussion/debate, class presentations, field trips, examinations, and library investigation of an environmental issue. Student performance will be assessed on the basis of written assignments, examinations, and class participation.

Prerequisites None.
Corequisites None.
Credit Hours 3