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Perspectives on Natural Systems Living Systems
BI-151      Biological Reasoning
Catalog Description

Using scientific reasoning and evidence from various biological disciplines to test hypotheses about the common ancestry of organisms. Three one-hour lectures.

Course Content

This course explores evidence relating to the common ancestry of organisms on Earth. It is divided into a series of units, covering the process of science, comparative study of skeletons of vertebrates, fossil evidence, the genetic code, and comparative study of molecular biology of organisms.

Nature of Course

Students proceed by developing their own hypotheses about the origin and relatedness of organisms. These hypotheses are tested against anatomical and molecular evidence in a series of units. Student record their hypotheses, predictions, results, and conclusions, along with their reasoning processes, in ongoing journal entries during the course. In the process the students are exposed to a variety of types of biological evidence along with the tools for locating and analyzing it, and gain experience in application of scientific reasoning to a problem.

Student Expectations

Attend all classes, participate in all class activities, and satisfactorily complete all assignments and examinations.


Must be EN100 eligible.

Corequisites None.
Credit Hours 3