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Perspectives on Natural Systems Behavioral Systems
PY-222      Development of the Adolescent
Catalog Description

The basic physical, cognitive, social and personality development of the adolescent period will be examined. Efforts will be made to understand current issues affecting adolescence in light of recent empirical and theoretical knowledge.

Course Content

This course is intended to provide a survey of fundamental areas affecting the psychological development of the adolescent (physical and cognitive development, peer and parent relations, and autonomy and intimacy). Such development will be examined in the context of the home, school, and typical social environment of the adolescent.

Nature of Course

In order to explore and think critically about adolescent development, students will be expected to participate in a variety of activities. These may include interviews with teachers, parents, peers, analyses of articles drawn from popular and professional sources, and group discussions organized around particular themes or issues affecting adolescents. Students will be required to engage in several different writing activities ranging from responding to essay questions on tests to exploring their own perceptions of adolescence, and to develop the ability to understand and apply the findings of relevant research.

Student Expectations

Students will be expected to perform satisfactorily on tests, on writing assignments, and in group discussions.

Prerequisites None.
Corequisites None.
Credit Hours 3