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Perspectives on Natural Systems Behavioral Systems
HL-120      Health Perspectives
Catalog Description

Health topics with wide-ranging importance are examined. Issues are examined from various perspectives with special emphasis on the influence that individual health behavior decisions have on personal, societal, and global health status.

Course Content

Health topics are investigated from differing viewpoints. A complex topic such as national health care insurance allows the investigation of political, economic, moral, and legal issues that impact decision making. Students critically consider their own views on diverse topics and compare their views to others.

Nature of Course

A variety of teaching methods are used throughout the course. Lecture time places an emphasis on interaction among students and the instructor. Small group discussions allow students a chance to exchange views with classmates who may have differing views. Class debates are scheduled to allow oral arguments on selected topics for which students have prepared written debate stances. Outside readings, with written summaries, provide opportunities for students to be informed of the latest health news from major news sources. In-class readings and assignments are designed to focus attention on controversial issues and prompt response in discussion. Role playing fosters understanding of health behaviors and decisions that affect each individual.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to be informed class participants for discussion of assigned topics. At minimum, this implies staying current with assigned readings in the textbook and other assigned readings. All out-of-class assignments are due on the deadlines published at the first class meeting. Students must satisfactorily complete examinations, quizzes, and debate papers.

Prerequisites None.
Corequisites None.
Credit Hours 3