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Perspectives on Individual Expression Written Expression
EN-140      Rhetoric and Critical Thinking
Catalog Description

Focus on effective written expression in the context of a liberal education; emphasis upon critical thinking and the research paper.

Course Content

In addition to instruction in and practice of the elements of composition, selected essays will be read and analyzed as a basis for the development of the student's own writing skills and as the springboard to discussions and assignments addressing the nine objectives of the University Studies program.

Nature of Course

Primarily a workshop class, this course will involve writing and reading essays. Students will be expected to share their work in pairs and small groups and to edit classmates' papers and to participate actively and regularly in the class's work. A major component is techniques of research; a research paper is required. As appropriate, the writing assignments will call on students to relate the materials in the assigned essays to themselves and their world (the nine objectives).

Student Expectations

Satisfactory performance in in-class workshops and on exercises and informal writings, on a minimum of five essays (plus revisions), at least one research paper, and the final examination (WP-002).


EN-100 or advanced placement.

Corequisites None.
Credit Hours 3