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Perspectives on Individual Expression Artistic Expression
AR-108      Drawing in Society
Catalog Description

A course combining studio drawing with the study of how drawing incorporates and communicates the experiences and values of society.

Course Content

This course will investigate the role drawing plays in art and in society in both historical and cultural contexts. Additionally, this course provides students with an opportunity to experience and practice various aesthetic principles, concepts and techniques through hands on drawing projects and experiments. Course content includes a basic overview of the role art has played in human society, through the ages and across cultures. Accompanying this study, a number of drawing exercises, projects and experiments demonstrate key visual/aesthetic principles and drawing techniques. These studio exercises coincide with lecture, discussion, visual aids and text reading that place them in the cultural and historical context out of which they arose and which they best express. A fundamental principle on which this course is based is the notion that art changes to reflect the social, political and cultural events and issues which define the times and places in which it is made.

Nature of Course

The course begins with a short "drawing primer" which is designed to introduce students to basic drawing techniques and increase their confidence in the use of these techniques. It then proceeds through a chronological and cross cultural survey of the major periods, movements and cultures in art history. Each topic introduced in the study is coupled with a drawing project which demonstrates the key issues of that time, place and culture through drawing practice. Students should gain an enhanced appreciation for why art changes from generation to generation and culture to culture by doing some of the things that various artists have done at various times and in various cultural contexts rather than merely reading and listening to lectures about such things. This course does not require drawing ability but it provides basic instruction in studio art to foster personal visual expression.

Student Expectations
  1. Prepare for all classes and do assigned reading.
  2. Participate in class discussions and critiques.
  3. Complete all writing and drawing assignments in an appropriate manner.
  4. Provide drawing supplies and materials.Grades will be determined by the student’s performance in classroom discussion and critique, examinations, two papers and a portfolio of drawing projects.

Grades will be determined by the student's performance in classroom discussion and critique, examinations, two papers and a portfolio of drawing projects.





Credit Hours 3