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Perspectives on Human Institutions Social Systems
MC-101      Mass Communication and Society
Catalog Description

An examination of the media in the United States, emphasizing what impact they have upon society.

Course Content

   The purposes of this course are:

  1. To provide a broad overview of the mass media processes, as shaped by both media managers and society.
  2. To provide a broad overview of the mass media and their impact on society.
  3. To help students become discerning consumers of the products of the mass media.
  4. To develop the critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate issues that appear in the media.
  5. To develop an appreciation for the contributions made by women and minorities to the media and media-support professions.
Nature of Course

In order to provide a contemporary overview of all media, this course includes lectures, discussions, written assignments and critiques of the news and entertainment media to emphasize mass media impact on life and culture in the United States.

Student Expectations
  1. All students are expected to complete required readings and participate in class discussions.
  2. Students will complete two writing assignments that compare and contrast newspaper articles on specified topics and a paper that analyzes the content of national broadcast television news.
  3. Students will complete four examinations (objective/essay questions).




Credit Hours 3