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Perspectives on Human Institutions Political Systems
PS-103      United States Political Systems
Catalog Description

Institutions and processes of national and state government, including an analysis of the United States and Missouri Constitutions.

Course Content

A study of the design and underlying principles of the American political system, including the United States Constitution and Missouri Constitution, the separated powers arrangement of three branches of government, and the major linkage institutions (political parties, interest groups, mass media, and organized political movements).

Nature of Course
  1. Emphasis on Reading: The class will involve a textbook as well as an issues or policy book which debates the pros and cons of contemporary political issues.
  2. Group Projects: May be assigned by the instructor.
  3. Emphasis on Writing: Significant; the class will include essay exams as well as writing exercises which promote critical thinking.
  4. Out-of-Class Projects: A library assignment in conjunction with a course paper.
  5. Teaching Format: Primarily lecture, question and answer.
  6. Other: Students will be expected to make a 5-10 minute oral presentation.
Student Expectations
  1. Attend class.
  2. Take notes.
  3. Participate in class discussion.
  4. Complete examinations and other class assignments.
  5. Demonstrate computer conversancy.




Credit Hours 3