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Perspectives on Human Institutions Development of a Major Civilization
US-105      American History I
Catalog Description

A study of the history of the United States from colonial beginnings to 1877.

Course Content

This course will emphasize the social, intellectual and political forces which shaped America.


Since the United States is a land of immigrants, a major theme of the course will deal with the variety of peoples who migrated to America, how they interacted with those already here, and how that interaction produced a diverse and pluralistic society.


The creation and development of the American governmental system will also be an important element of the course. The role played by government in the lives of Americans and the relationship between the federal, state, and local governments is essential to an understanding of the American political process, and this relationship will receive emphasis in the course.


The study of the development of an industrial process in the nineteenth century and subsequent changes in the American social and economic life will provide students with important perspectives on the problems modern Americans have in dealing with an industrialized society.

Nature of Course

Lecture and discussion.

Student Expectations

Students will be expected to take notes, perform acceptably on exams, and participate in class discussions. They will also be expected to perform satisfactorily on outside reading, research, and writing assignments.





Credit Hours 3