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Perspectives on Individual Expression Literary Expression
PL-110      Readings in Philosophy
Catalog Description

An exploration of the main issues in philosophy through philosophical and literary readings.

Course Content

Students will be introduced to both traditional and contemporary issues in philosophy through a study of original philosophical and literary works. In addition to becoming acquainted with the main issues and methodologies of philosophy, students will learn to appreciate the meaning and significance of philosophical ideas and theories, develop skills in critical thinking and logical argument, and learn the art of reflective reading and writing.


Some traditional issues addressed in philosophy are: What is knowledge? What is truth? What is science? How is the mind related to the body? How can we know whether God exists? Can we have objective knowledge or right and wrong? Do human beings free will? Some contemporary issues addressed in philosophy are: Can machines think? Is the mind a computer program? What is consciousness? Are all standards of conduct relative?

Nature of Course

There is a significant emphasis on reading, writing, and discussion. Reading assignments are usually original works which should be thought of as subjects of investigation rather than as textbooks from which information can be retrieved. Writing assignments are regularly made and often require students to write about the readings or issues under discussion. Philosophy is a conversational mode of inquiry and active participation in both class discussion and on-line computer conferences is expected. Essay questions are a component in all exams.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to read assigned texts, attend class regularly, participate in class discussion, and demonstrate achievement on midterm and final exams. Students should also expect to write one or more short papers, as well as to do some elementary research in the library.





Credit Hours 3