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Perspectives on Individual Expression Literary Expression
LI-256      The Variety of Literature
Catalog Description

A survey of literature in all its variety--short stories, novels, poems, and drama. Emphasis on reading, analysis, and writing about literature.

Course Content

Stories and poetry--some of the most exciting that people have enjoyed for many years--are the main subjects for reading and class discussion. All varieties--from the lyrics of popular songs by John Lennon, for example, to the "symphonies" of William Shakespeare, from short stories about life in Ireland or Russia to maybe a novel by Ernest Hemingway--are included.


There will be many short poems and stories that can be read in a few minutes and also a few longer works that may take several class meetings to cover.

Nature of Course

This course will increase the students' pleasure and appreciation of literature as a way to experience and understand life. The course will increase students' ability to speak and write perceptively about literature and life. Because the fictional world pervades real life--even dominates it for many people, via TV if nothing else--skill in recognizing theme is very important.


Good attendance and class participation are needed, so students should try to anticipate class discussion--some of the same questions apply to various literary works and recur in class and on tests. But students are encouraged to also contribute questions and comments that occur to them as they read a given work.

Student Expectations

The student will read (reread if necessary) all assigned materials before class discussion.


There will be short quizzes, exams including essay questions, and a final examination. Some out-of-class readings may be suggested from library materials, and at least one paper requiring research will be assigned.





Credit Hours 3