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Perspectives on Individual Expression Artistic Expression
AR-112      Perspectives in Art
Catalog Description

The course investigates the role and value of art as an essential human aesthetic experience. No prerequisites.

Course Content
  1. Define art as a reflection of culture and a form of individual expression developed within themes, purposes and styles.
  2. Outline the language of art and show how it is used to analyze composition and design.
  3. Investigate the two-dimensional art media, including the camera arts and graphic design.
  4. Explore the three-dimensional art media, including architecture and environmental design.
  5. Present an overview of the history of art in our culture.
Nature of Course

The course will include lectures, discussions, slide presentations, written assignments, quizzes, examinations and observation and critiques of original art in galleries and museums.

Student Expectations

All students will be expected to participate in class discussions. Students will also provide written reactions and reflections on art and aesthetic issues and take a series of written exams, including a final examination. To enhance their experience, the students will participate in a field trip to a major museum.





Credit Hours 3