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Perspectives on Natural Systems Logical Systems
MA-118      Mathematics I
Catalog Description

Introduction to problem solving strategies, sets, whole numbers and their operations and properties, number theory, numeration systems, computer usage, and the historical significance and applications of these topics in the K-9 mathematics curriculum.

Course Content

Mathematical Reasoning

Pre-number Concepts, Numeration, Number Systems

Whole Number Computation

Number Theory

Geometric Shapes

Review and Assessment

Nature of Course

The primary purpose of Mathematics I is to develop in a logical, patterned approach, the elements, properties and operations of the number systems taught in elementary/middle school (grades K-9). The essentials of problem solving and the logic of mathematics are introduced, followed by a development of number concept. Relations, operations and fundamental properties of various number systems are examined. These number systems are the counting numbers and whole numbers. Attention is paid to applications of these systems as practiced today in the elementary/middle school curriculum including the use of appropriate manipulatives and computer software. In addition, some historical applications and informal geometrical relationships are explored. Many instances of the concepts are cited as an elementary/middle school teacher would encounter them.


Mathematics I is taught in a lecture-discussion and/or small group setting with many applications and problems being the focus of the discussion. The problems in the textbook will be the main source of assignments the students will be expected to complete outside of class. Some assignments including library and internet research, laboratory "hands on" projects and individual writing may be made. These assignments should promote a better understanding of the elementary/middle school curriculum.

Student Expectations

Students will be expected to contribute to class discussions, to work problems in and out of class, to take all quizzes and tests and to do the outside assignments.


Credit for MA101/102 and a passing score on the Intermediate Algebra Assessment, MA 095 with a grade of 'C' or higher, or ACT Math subscore of 18-20 with MA 095 placement score of 14 or higher, or ACT Math subscore of 21 or higher. Declared education major in elementary, early childhood, exceptional child, middle school, or secondary mathematics or human environmental studies: child development option major.



Credit Hours 3