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300-Level Interdisciplinary Course  
UI-316      Contemporary Legal Studies
Catalog Description

This course is an examination of current legal issues and the role of the American legal system in the resolution of those issues.

Course Content

This course examines the current legal issues, which are now or may become of concern to the student. It presents the issues from different viewpoints, acquaints the student with the rival interest and concerns therein, explores the legal solutions, and encourages the student to evaluate all the alternatives indicated. The purpose is not to force a particular conclusion upon the student, but rather to allow the student to reach his or her own conclusion after developing an appreciation of and sensitivity to those competing interests and concerns. The controversial nature of some of the issues is recognized. A thoughtful, serious, and sensitive treatment of those issues will be offered.

Nature of Course

Students must have completed 45 hours to take this course. Completion of at least one law course is highly recommended. Course emphasis is on reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking. Appellate court cases and statutory legislation will be read and analyzed. Students will be required to prepare and submit writing assignments and perform satisfactorily on all exams and quizzes. Students may be required to participate in a long research project. Oral presentations utilizing student research will be required. Class discussions using the Socratic method to analyze the reading assignments will be the prevalent teaching method.

Student Expectations

Students will be expected to attend class regularly and punctually; perform careful, regular, thorough, and timely preparation of all material assigned, including readings, written assignments, research, and oral presentations; participate actively in all class discussions; and make satisfactory scores on all periodic examinations. The research must be interdisciplinary. The student will be expected to formulate and defend his or her judgments and solutions in both oral and written form after analyzing and interpreting the readings and research results.


45 hours.



Credit Hours 3