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Perspectives on Individual Expression Literary Expression
LI-220      Fiction and the Human Experience
Catalog Description

A study of short stories and novels by significant writers past and present.

Course Content

This course examines the function of the basic elements of fiction and emphasizes the fictional treatment of universal themes such as the individual and society, initiation and maturation, love and conflict, and alienation and the search for faith, in approximately 30 to 40 short stories and one or two novels or novellas. For each thematic unit, students are assigned several readings and some research into pertinent criticism.

Nature of Course

The course is designed to improve the ability of students to read, interpret, talk, and write about fiction competently and confidently. Class work involves a combination of lecture-discussion, small group discussions, reports, in and out-of-class writing, and two or more examinations requiring both objective and interpretive responses. Out-of-class work will include a project in which students might analyze a representative work or works of a given writer or trace a theme in the works of two or more writers.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to read assigned material closely and thoughtfully; to attend class regularly and contribute to class discussions; and to satisfactorily complete examinations, quizzes, and other written work.



Corequisites None.
Credit Hours 3